Agenda - Annual General Assembly of Members 2023, Örebro

The NSCMID Annual General Meeting will take place during the NSCMID Annual Meeting in Örebro on saturday 23rd of september 2023 at 8.00-8.30. The AGM is open for NSCMID members only.


• Chairman’s welcome

• Appointment of meetings chairman and secretary.

• Chairmans report • Honorary treasurer’s report

• Release of responsibility of the board

• Membership dues (annual fee)

• New members of the board 1. nominations from national societies of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases 2. election of new members of the board

• New NSCMID members

• Report from the webmaster

• Reports from working groups

• Report from the SSAC Foundation

• The upcoming NSCMID scientific meetings

• Any Other Business