SSAC-grant recipients 2019

The SSAC Foundation received 14 eligible applications in 2019. After the reviewing process, 10 applicants were granted support - Congratulations!


Applicant Title Granted amount (SEK)
Bergman, Peter Boosting Innate Immunity in the Lung to Fight Multidrug Resistant Bacteria 100000
Matussek, Andreas A Nordic multi-center study of hemolytic uremic syndrome causing Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli 100000
Bjarnason, Agnar Community acquired pneumonia - Etiology and diagnostics 100000
Blenstrup Patsche, Cecilie Treatment of tuberculosis with nutritional supplements - a randomized trial to improve treatment outcome of patients with tuberculosis (NUTRIATO) 50000
Hughes, Diarmaid Antibiotic Resistance Evolution in Bacterial Biofilms:
The Interplay of Selection, Mutation Rate, and Horizontal Genetic Transfer.
Nilsson, Anna People who inject drugs; Longitudinal Staphylococcus aureus colonization pattern and the impact on the infection frequency by regular showers with chlorhexidine. 50000
Wejse, Christian Clinical scoring tool for point-of-care diagnosis of tuberculosis - ClinPOC-TB 50000
Aro, Tuomas Resistant bacteria and stool microbes among migrants and refugees 40000
Hilmarsdottir, Ingibjorg Mycoplasma genitalium in Iceland: first study on prevalence in STI clinic attendees, and evaluation of nucleic acid amplification tests for detection of M. genitalium and antibiotic resistance markers 40000
Lennerstrand, Johan Identification of inhibitors against protease of Zika, TBE and other flaviviruses 40000