Tick Borne Diseases Group

The NSCMID tick-borne diseases group is a multi-professional network for exchanging and sharing knowledge in the field of tick-borne infections. It originates mainly from collaborations formed within ScandTick Innovation, an EU-funded inter-regional project in the Öresund-Kattegatt-Skagerrak region. In 2015 the network was expanded to include colleagues from Finland, and in 2016 it was included as an NSCMID working group. The group will organize workshops and meetings (such as the biannual NordTick meeting), promote collaborative research projects and support networking between physicians and researchers both within and outside the Nordic countries.

Contact: Anna J Henningsson, M.D, Ph.D., Region Jönköping county, Sweden. Per-Eric Lindgren, professor, Linköping University, Sweden.