Proposal for changing NSCMID bylaws

The NSCMID Board will at the Annual General Assembly of Members in Torshavn 2017 propose a change to the bylaws with regard to memberships. It has proved difficult to keep the NSCMID member list up-to-date with the current system of lifetime memberships. Our member list include members that paid their lifetime a long time ago, and for some members the contact details are outdated and we cannot reach them. With the current system, it is even possible that names of people that passed away are still on the list. After discussions within the Board, we think that a 10-y membership alternative will solve this problem while still being a convenient and economically viable alternative to paying the member fee.

We will offer the option of a 10-year membership from the date of registration. We will stop to register lifetime members. All already approved lifetime memberships will continue to be valid for a lifetime. As previously, NSCMID young scientist memberships will be available and discounted (see below).

Proposal for NSCMID membership:

A person may become a member for 10 years by making a single payment. This membership will be activated the day payment is received through the payment system at the Society website, and will expire the same day 10 years later, unless renewed before expiration. The 10-year membership is non-refundable in the event of a membership cancellation at any time after purchase. "NSCMID young scientist" will have a 50 percent discount, the status as "NSCMID young scientist" is determined at the start of the membership.

Proposal for the membership due 2018:

Ten-year membership: Available to all individuals at a cost of 120 Euros. Young scientists, not older than 35 years of age, or individuals in specialist training, are offered an "NSCMID young scientist membership" at a cost of 60 Euros.