SSAC-grant recipients 2017

This year the SSAC Foundation received 25 applications and after the reviewing process, 14 applicants were granted support - Congratulations!

See the list of projects here

Name Title Amount granted
Line Vibholm Toll Like Receptor 9 Enhancement of Antiviral Immunity in Chronic HIV-1 Infection, TEACH part B 125.000 SEK
Jaana Vuopio Group A streptococcus emm type28 and childbirth related infections 125.000 SEK
Christian Wejse Clinical scoring tool for point-of-care diagnosis of tuberculosis - ClinPOC-TB 125.000 SEK
Constantin Urban New strategies to fight severe opportunistic mycoses   70.000 SEK
Diarmaid Hughes Interplay in the Selection of Efflux Regulatory Mutations in the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Pathogens.   70.000 SEK
Malin Inghammar Serious liver side-effects of macrolide and fluoroquinolone antibiotics.   70.000 SEK
Johan Lennerstrand Study of resistance in Hepatitis C virus prior to treatment with new directly acting antivirals. A Nordic Multicenter Study.   70.000 SEK
Anna Nilsson People who inject drugs; Longitudinal Staphylococcus aureus colonization pattern and the impact on the infection frequency by regular showers with chlorhexidine.   70.000 SEK
Katri Vilkman  Travelers' behavior and prevention of diarrhea
  45.000 SEK
Tuomas Aro Resistant intestinal bacteria and other stool microbes among immigrants   45.000 SEK
Frederik Hertz Strengthening antibiotic stewardship in long-term care facilities in Denmark and Sweden   45.000 SEK
Cecilie Blenstrup Nutritional supplement trial in patients with tuberculosis to improve anthropometry and treatment outcome (NUTRIATO)   45.000 SEK
Thomas Tängdén In vitro evaluation of the activity of mecillinam in combination with amoxicillin and clavulanic acid against ESBL-producing Escherichia coli   45.000 SEK
Sanne Jespersen Improving treatment of HIV among children in Guinea-Bissau   45.000 SEK