SSAC-grant recipients 2018

This year the SSAC Foundation received 29 applications and after the reviewing process, 16 applicants were granted support - Congratulations!

See the list of projects here

Name Project title Amount granted (SEK)
Bjarnason, Agnar Community acquired pneumonia - Aetiology and diagnostics 100000
Wejse, Christian Clinical scoring tool for point-of-care diagnosis of tuberculosis - ClinPOC-TB 100000
Inghammar, Malin Serious liver side-effects of macrolide and fluoroquinolone antibiotics 100000
Blenstrup Patsche, Cecilie Treatment of tuberculosis with nutritional supplements - a randomized trial to improve treatment outcome of patients with tuberculosis (NUTRIATO) 50000
Stubhaug, Tore Taksdal Clonal relatedness, resistance mechanisms and novel detection methods in carbapenem-resistant Bacteroides fragilis 65000
Nilsson, Anna People who inject drugs; Longitudinal Staphylococcus aureus colonization pattern and the impact on the infection frequency by regular showers with chlorhexidine. 65000
Sönnerborg, Anders Contributing to understanding HIV immune Control in Elite controllers and its relation to HIV cure through a Nordic collaboration 65000
Thønnings, Sara Therapeutic drug monitoring and continuous infusion of beta-lactam antibiotics in patients with bacteraemia. 40000
jin, tao Molecular etiology and new treatments of staphylococcal joint infections 40000
Khawaja, Tamim Multi-drug resistant bacteria and stool microbes among outpatients and community in Pakistan 40000
Haugan, Maria Schei Bacterial growth in vivo: A novel method for determination of bacterial growth rate during infection in vivo and its use as a determinant for evaluation of antibiotic treatment effect 40000
Hertz, Frederik Hyperproduction of blaTEM-1 as a cause of resistance to piperacillin/tazobactam: Promoter substitutions, fitness, and barriers to development of resistance. 40000
Pedersen, Martin Schou Population structure of seasonal respiratory syncytial virus in four European countries in 2016-17. 40000
Thors, Valtyr Microbial and host predictors of community-acquired serious bacterial infections in children - viral bacterial interactions. 40000
Jansåker, Filip SAOC – Scandinavian algorithm on cystitis (Danish and Swedish) 40000
Lennerstrand, Johan Identification of inhibitors against protease of Zika, TBE and other flaviviruses 40000